UVC Airplane Steriliser®

Suitable for all airplanes

This mobile unit, gives the operators of airlines the ability to sterilise safely and efficiently the complete areas of an airplane.
The unit has both side, top and front UVC Lighting sterilisation while moving through the passage ways.
Using 255~275nm wavelength UVC Light, the unit can sterilise the floor carpets, seats, table trays and ceiling of the airplane.
It also has the ability to move into the lavatories and disinfect small areas including cupboard.

  • Completely mobile, and operates off its own built in power source.
  • Operates up to 8 hours off a single charge.
  • The side panels can be adjusted to reach any area.
  • Note: This product must be used under strict, controlled conditions as indicated on our instructions which are supplied when purchasing this product.

UVC Airplane Steriliser