The system was designed to sterilise casino chips before or after usage in a efficient method. Our system is mobile which allows casino tables to place them close by for recycling and sterilisation, as well as allows the cash office to use them as well.
Capable of running off 110V/AC and 230V/AC Mains powered, or off the Built in Batteries, the unit is able to be operated remotely /mobile off batteries for 10~12 hours.
Each draw is independently controlled and monitored, as well as it has a key lock preventing from unauthorized removal of the casino chips.
Once the chips have been sterilised, the draw can be removed, (if the draw is prematurely pulled out, the system warns the user accordingly).
The chips get a complete 360 degree sanitisation, and can be placed in individual holders or loosely laid out in the draw.

  • 99% of all bacteria and viruses are killed in the process.
  • 360 degree Sterilisation of the Chips.
  • Each Draw independently monitored and controlled
  • Warning notification if premature removal
  • Safety kill switch if anyone opens the draws in the process of sterilisation
  • Up to 850 chips per cycle can be sanitised
  • AC Powered or can be Powered off Batteries for 10~12hours remotely.
  • Charge Time of Batteries: 8Hours.
  • Note: This product must be used under strict, controlled conditions as indicated on our instructions which are supplied when purchasing this product.

UVC Chip Sanitiser