UVC Sanitising Wand®

Area Sanitising UVC Wand

The UVC Sanitising Wand is used to sanitise all sorts of areas and objects. This can be anything from counter tops and shop till points to furniture and clothing.

  • Hand-held portable UVC light steriliser.
  • UVC steriliser lamp to kill bacteria, dust mite eliminator, air purifying lamp.
  • Portable design, suitable for home, office or travel, easy to use
  • High efficiency UVC disinfection lamp, sterilisation efficiency up to 99.9%
  • Plug and play, the UVC wand with USB interface can be used through power bank, laptop, socket, etc.
  • With a brightness adjustment control switch, the brightness can be adjusted at will. Loosen the magnet bottom nut and this allows adjustment of the lighting angle and hands free operation.
  • Wide irradiation range, no odor when disinfecting, safe and no pollution. Various applications, such as for toilet/baby underwear/pet supplies disinfection. Also used in personal daily necessities, computers, cutlery, telephones, desks, public places, cars, etc.
  • Note: This product must be used under strict, controlled conditions as indicated on our instructions which are supplied when purchasing this product.

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