Wireless Adapter

Using the Silux Control® app, you have the ability to set schedules and scenes of appliances plugged into the Electrifier® from anywhere in the world. Your smartphone then gets wireless control of lamps, TVs, and more.

with home automation you can now control the device that is plugged into the plug socket via the ELECTRIFIER®, you will be able to switch that device on/off through the Silux Control® home automation system.

  • Control devices plugged into the socket or allow auto run features to run seamlessly in the background with schedules you have created via the Silux Control® app
  • Wireless communication
  • Plug n play
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electrifier_plug Australia
Electrifier® Gen 1

electrifier_plug America
Electrifier® Gen 1

electrifier_plug united kingdom
Electrifier® Gen 1