Virtual Emergency Light
with integrated Emergency Lighting Controller

The Silux Control PRO-EM integrates with sensors such as laser sensors to detect movement and activates the necessary response to safe guard the person or Lift Truck close by.
In case of an emergency the Unit will activate and clearly light up the evacuation routes and guide you to the emergency exit locations

  • All control units, emergency units and sensor devices have an integrated battery backup of minimum 3 Hours.
  • Emergency Light Testing can be done on these Virtual Systems as well while doing the rest of the emergency lighting weekly, monthly and annual tests.
  • Multiple Systems can operate simultaneously in one warehouse.
  • Silux Emergency Control (PROEM1000)
  • Sensor Devices - Integrated with the Virtual Lighting - (Silux LSENS100)

Wireless Emergency Lighting

Wireless Emergency Lighting main
Wireless Emergency Lighting thumb 1
Wireless Emergency Lighting thumb 2
Wireless Emergency Lighting thumb 3