Pro-EM Emergency LED Exit Sign
Suspended LED Exit Sign with built-in Emergency controller

The Suspended Pro-EM Exit Light Sign with built-in Emergency controller is a self-sufficient unit that offers a flexible and cost effective emergency lighting solution for commercial, industrial and retail applications providing occupants with clear, illuminated exit route guidance during evacuation.

With the Silux Control system in place, be assured that your emergency lighting is kept at the healthiest status level. With the added benefit providing complete compliance with statutory and mandatory requirements without human intervention, therefore the need for an engineer to do weekly, monthly or annual manual tests and inspection is no longer required.

Selectable weekly, monthly, bi-annual and annual tests to BS standards.
A beneficial system that delivers a high ROI (return on investment).

  • 3W Suspended LED Light Exit Sign
  • Wireless Emergency module included
  • Low Power Consumption
  • 3 Hour Battery Back-up or longer
  • 2835 LED Chips
  • Maintained, Non-Maintained selectable options available
  • Remote monitoring and full control over your emergency lighting via the Silux Control App Software
  • Suspended Ceiling Mount
  • Polycarbonate Housing & Prismatic Diffuser

Wireless Emergency Lighting

Wireless Emergency Lighting Pro-EM main
Wireless Emergency Lighting Pro-EM thumb 1
Wireless Emergency Lighting Pro-EM thumb 2
Wireless Emergency Lighting Pro-EM thumb 3
Emergency Type-Maintained / Non Maintained
Light Source-LED 2835
Input Voltage-190~250V/AC
Duration-3h or more
Mounting Type-Suspended Ceiling Mount
Dimensions-L:403 × W:466 × D:52mm
LED Sign-L:403 × W:205 × D:52mm
*sizes might vary from time to time, please contact us for confirmation.