Touch Lamina
Wireless touch switch plate

The Touch Lamina is an alternative way for you to control any device connected to the Silux Control network. You can replace your current switches or use it as an addition to them. With the added bonus of being wireless, you save on wiring installation costs. The Touch Lamina can easily be placed where most convenient.

  • Available in a 2 button or 4 button
  • Program any button to dim lights or switch devices such as air conditioning, lighting, plug points and swimming pool pumps etc. on and off
  • Install wireless - save money and time
  • Note: Can be used without the need of an IntelliHub by being programmed as direct connect with the Collector

Wireless touch switch plate

Wireless Touch Twitch Plate main
Wireless Touch Twitch Plate thumb 1
Wireless Touch Twitch Plate thumb 2
Wireless Touch Twitch Plate thumb 3