Spektra Globe
RGBW Lighting

Using the Silux Control app, the Spektra Globe has the ability to create a sunrise and sunset effect like no other. Choose from a wide spectrum of color changing LED lighting to create the perfect mood. No more waking up to an alarm buzzing in your ear. Allow the Spektra to wake you up with the calmness of a sunrise sensation.

  • Sunrise & Sunset optional
  • Full Color Spectrum
  • User defined
  • Plug-In control unit
  • Dimmable via the Silux Control app
  • No need for a Silux Collector
  • Silux Color Stepping
  • Silux Color Rainbow
  • Fire rated

RGBW Lighting

RGBW Lighting main
RGBW Lighting thumb 1
RGBW Lighting thumb 2
RGBW Lighting thumb 3