GenSense Controller
Ambient Temperature Controller

The GenSens Ambient temperature controller offers a flexible and cost effective wireless solution, monitoring and adjusting temperature to hold a desired temperature at a specified value.

Once the Temperature has been set on the App Software for the relevant area, the GenSens Temperature Sensor will send continuous temperature updates to the GenSens Relay. The Relay will then control the power to the heat panel to control when its turned on or off.

As additional safety precautions, if communication is ever lost from the GenSens Temperature Sensor, the GenSens Relay will automatically switch off, to ensure no heating takes place without monitoring.

  • Sensor Monitor and Controller included
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Continuous Temperature updates
  • Control schedules & scenes through the Silux Control Hub
  • Automatic Safety Switch Off

Ambient Temperature Controller

Ambient Temperature Controller main
Ambient Temperature Controller thumb 1
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Sensor Monitor:
Power-3V (CR2450 Battery)
Frequency-868Mhz with Silux Protocols
Dimensions-L:41 × W:41 × D:20mm
Controller Relay:
Input Voltage-190 ~ 250V/AC, 16Amp Max
Dimensions-L:38.5 × W:92 × D:22.5mm
*sizes might vary from time to time, please contact us for confirmation.